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Portfolio of Work

Domain One

Domain One covers Transition Planning.  Included in this is the Individualized Education Program (IEP), Student-Led IEP and Indicator 13 compliances for Secondary Transition planning.

Domain Two

Domain Two covers Transition Assessment.  Included in this is a teacher Transition Assessment Training, several different Transiiton Assessment examples, Assessment Summary Report, and Goals based on assessment data.

Domain Three

Domain Three covers Family Involvement.  Included in this is an example of a Transition Manual for School to School transitions, a Parent/Community Advisory Council training, Parent University, and a Transition Handbook and Resource Guide.

Domain Four

Domain Four covers Secondary Academic Programs.  Included in this is embedding transition into general education academic courses, information on accommodations and modifications, and aligning students' IEP goals with measurable postsecondary outcomes.

Domain Five

Domain Five covers Community-Referenced Curriculum and Programs.  Included in this are resources for community participation, healthy social relationships, and information/resources for self-advocacy and self-determination.

Domain Six

Domain Six covers Career Development.  Included in this is information on career awareness, exploration, and preparation.  I've also included an example of a work place support plan for a student.

Domain Seven

Domain Seven covers Interagency Collaboration.  Included in this are examples of interagency collaboration that I have done in my practice and ways in which I am providing transition-related resources to administrators, educators, and parents

Domain Eight

Domain Eight covers Leadership and Policy.  Included in this is information on federal and state policies, secondary transition training resources and information on Indicators 1,2,13,14 which pertain to secondary transition performance and compliance.

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