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Teaching is my second career.  I worked in the business world as a Sales Representative for Hallmark Cards but always knew deep down I wanted to be a teacher.  So, in the midst of raising three children and being a wife, I decided to go back to school to pursue my passion.  I’m very thankful for a supportive husband and children as I pursued my dream.  I started night school in 2002 and took one class at a time until I finished.  I graduated from Azusa Pacific in 2007 with my teaching credentials in General Education and Special Education and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  My first teaching assignment was at Marshall Middle School in Pomona, CA.  I taught mathematics, science, and reading.  During my time there, I was involved in our Positive Behavior Intervention Support Team, Sunshine Club, part of the mathematics Professional Learning Community, and the Special Education Department Chair from 2009-2014.  In 2014, our district decided to add a teacher on assignment position for a Transition Specialist.  I applied for the job because it sounded interesting and something in which I thought I’d would excel.  I got the job!   Since that time I have been working on putting together an exemplary Secondary Transition Program for our district.   Previously, we didn’t have any sort of program, and as I was researching what does an exemplary Secondary Transition Program look like, I found the University of Kansas’s Masters Degree Program in Secondary Transition. Throughout this Masters program, I have learned what an exemplary Secondary Transition program is and how I can use the skills I have learned towards achieving my goal of having an exemplary Secondary Transition Program. 

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